Give Your Ring The Ultimate At Home or On The Go Clean

Our 4-in-1 Ring Cleansing Pen removes dust, dirt, oils, lotion, makeup and bacteria leaving your ring sparkling clean, sanitised, polished and protected.
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6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Ring Paradise


shine enhancing polymers

made in

Protect with every clean

130+ cleans
per pen

vegan and cruelty free

Nothing Compares to a Ring Paradise Clean

Every element of our Ring Cleansing Pen was purpose designed, formulated and manufactured to give your ring the highest quality and most effective at home clean. So you can enjoy maximum sparkle from your ring every day.

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Safe for almost all rings

Vegan and Cruelty Free

Why Just "clean" Your Ring -Clean, Sanitise, Polish & Protect

Not only does our Ring Cleansing Pen provide the highest quality clean but takes it a step (or in our case 3 steps) further by ALSO sanitising, polishing and protecting your ring as well whenever you use it!


Throughout daily life all kinds of grime collects in the nooks and crannies of our rings. Not only does this build up dull your rings sparkle but it also creates a breeding ground for bacteria! Our pen’s unmatched gel and soft bristle brush gently but effectively remove this built up, leaving you with a clean, sanitised, sparkly ring.


Our 5 star rated Ring Cleansing Pen takes things up a notch by also gently polishing your rings to remove tarnish and tough grime that cleaning alone cannot. Leaving rings looking and feeling brand new every time.


We put out hands through a lot each day and we often don’t realise how many times our rings get bumped and scraped along the way. This unfortunately leads to micro scratches, which dull your rings shine over time. To combat this we included special polymers in our gel that not only reduce the appearance of micro scratches but help protect against future damage when used regularly.

$99 $59

Dish soap was made for cleaning dishes...

NOT RINGS!! Did you know dish soap can actually make your rings cloudy? When you use dish soap to clean your ring it leaves a film that once it drys actually reduces sparkle and shine!!

Plus even a soft toothbrush is still too abrasive for most ring and can cause serious damage AND most of the time if you’re using a toothbrush, you’re scrubbing which definitely causes damage over time no matter how soft your bristles are!

It's time to break up with dish soap and say seonara to that gross "ring toothbrush" and treat your ring right with Ring Paradise.

Get Professional Results From Home - Minus The Costs

Get a massive 130+ cleans for the price of a single professional clean from a jeweller and enjoy your rings sparkle every day from home.


$99 $59

Ring Cleansing Pen

For 130+ cleans per pen

Get jeweller quality results at home with our cost effective Ring Cleansing Pen! It is 100% safe for daily use so you never have to go without your ring being super sparkling again. 

$60 - $130

Jewellers Cleaning Service

Price is per clean

Professional jewellery cleaning is effective but costly and time consuming. Plus you could be without your ring for up to 2 weeks and it can only be cleaned a few times per year.

Got questions?
We got answers.

Absolutely! Our Ring Cleansing Pen is safe for DAILY use on on the following metals and stones;

Metals: gold, white gold, rose gold, silver and platinum.

Stones: diamonds, treated and laser filled diamonds, moissanite, cubic zirconia, morganite, ruby, emerald, sapphire, garnet, opals, quartz and most other precious stones.

Please note: not suitable for use on pearls.

Using our Ring Cleansing Pen could not be easier, enjoy super sparkling rings in under 60 seconds! 

  1. Wet your ring with water
  2. Remove the cap and twist the base for 3-4 clicks
  3. Thoroughly brush all over your ring
  4. Rinse under running water and dry

Our Ring Cleansing Pen is 100% vegan friendly.

Our Ring Cleansing Pen is 100% cruelty free.

Our Ring Cleansing Pen is safe for daily use on your rings.

Most users get a minimum of 130 cleans per pen using the recommended 3-4 clicks per clean. Depending on how often you prefer to clean your ring this would last between 4-18 months.

Shipping is FREE within Australia and New Zealand with discounted international shipping available. 

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  1. Very pleased with your product. Easy to use and results are very impressive

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  3. Defiantley makes your ring look amazing. Don’t sleep on this one ladies!

  4. I was skeptical this pen could beat dishwashing liquid but my god does it ever! My rings are so shiny and honestly I will never go back now this product is amazing and so worth the money

  5. Amazing!

Take care of your ring so it lasts you a lifetime

For most women our rings are the most expensive pieces of jewellery we ever own. You will wear your ring every day for the rest of your life so give it the care it deserves so it can stand the test of time with you.

Ring care made easy

It could not be easier to take care of your ring with Ring Paradise. Our 4-in-1 Ring Cleansing Pen is super quick and easy to use and takes the guess work out of ring care and maintenance. 

$99 $59