Ring Paradise began in 2020 at my kitchen sink in Perth WA, you see ever since I had become engaged 2 years prior I had loved (ok maybe had become a little bit obsessed with) cleaning my rings!

I don’t know about you but looking down at my engagement ring and seeing it sparkle always makes me feel a bit special, and reminded me of the magical day my now husband proposed.

So I had endlessly researched how best to clean, polish, store and protect my ring, and had created an 8 step cleaning regime that let’s just say was a bit “time consuming”.

But on one particular occasion I was frantically cleaning my rings despite already being 20 minutes late for a family get together and my husband turned to me and said “surely there must be a better way of doing that” – and the Ring Paradise Ring Cleansing Pen was born!

It is the solution to keeping your ring sparkling every day despite the dirt, grime and mess (not to mention the hand cream, hairspray and makeup) that we put our hands and our rings through every day.

It’s vegan friendly, cruelty free, Australian made and will get your ring sparkling again.